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What is Website Hosting?

Web hosting gives you the ability to own a piece of the internet.  With your internet site, you can share ideas, information, exchange mail, and sell products or services, all within the confines of an internet business model.

Web hosting is a computer which is attached to the internet "backbone" which can communicate to other users through the internet environment.

Can you have your website hosted on your own computer at your home or business?  Yes, of course you can.  But many small business would find the cost of setting up an internet server, and the time and effort to maintain it and keep it virus-free to be cost-prohibitive. 

So website hosting companies have devised a way where many customers can "share" an internet computer with other businesses, and call it "shared hosting".  It is similar to leasing an apartment.  For a monthly fee, you can use your piece of the "internet computer" to share information, exchange e-mails, and even sell products.

When you rent an apartment, your have bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet.  Translating this into hosting, you have disk space, e-mail accounts, and data transfer amounts.  The disk space is the amount of room your website will take up in storage.  The more pages and pictures you have, the more room it will use.  Data transfer amounts is dependent on the number of visitors that come to your website.  If you have many visitors who look at several pages, every picture and piece of information must be transferred to their computer.  Some hosting companies charge an additional amount for data transfer, while others factor it into their monthly fees as a flat amount. 

The more disk space, data transfer amount, and e-mail accounts you use, the higher your "rent" will be.

These are the basics of website hosting.  Sounds simple, right?  Here's what you can depend on from your hosting company:


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